Bringing Groundbreaking

Technologies To The World

Making treatments for incurable chronic and terminal diseases accessible by the public

OUR mission

Expediting the global launchof necessary medical therapeutics and diagnostics into the market

We offer a valuable strategic hedge by creating an additional path to commercialization

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ABC designs and creates therapeutics that target diseases of the future. ABC also sources innovative technologies from globally reputable academia and med tech companies to accelerate market arrival of novel and necessary medical interventions.

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ABC follows strict FDA regulations to develop institution-tested and government-regulated medicines. ABC develops and sponsors gene therapy, cell therapy, immunotherapy, vaccines, and medical devices for diagnostic and monitoring.

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ABC overcomes the traditional regulatory bureaucracy that hinders drug development, by launching the first ABC Treatment Access Platform in Thailand– the medical hub of Southeast Asia. With shorter FDA bureaucratic queues and a focused readiness for new technologies, ABC’s strong industry partnerships accelerate the clinical trials and regulatory approvals processes.

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ABC uses unique business strategies and operations to commercialize technologies for the mass market. Groundbreaking technologies will be available on the equally novel and transformative ABC Treatment Access Platform beginning in 2021.

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Gene therapy uses genes to treat or prevent a disease by inserting a gene into the patient’s cells instead of using drugs or surgery.


Stem cell therapy uses a population of cells which have the potential to indefinitely expand, self-renew, and differentiate into several specific types of cells.


Immunotherapy uses biologics to treat a disease by activating or suppressing the immune system.


Novel medical diagnostics add to the current standard of diagnostics in determining which disease or condition explains a person's symptoms and signs

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